Introduction to Micro Wellness:

For over 50 years, Micro Labs has been dedicated to serving people with pride. Through our flagship brand DOLO , we've been able to extend our assistance to households during sickness, particularly amidst the challenges of COVID. This commitment has earned us the trust of countless Indians.

Building on this legacy of service, we are proud to introduce Micro Wellness—a comprehensive range of over-the-counter(OTC) products. Our mission is to ensure that every household in the nation has access to affordable and quality healthcare because we believe in bringing "Good Health in every home".


At Micro Wellness, our mission is to revolutionize healthcare by providing affordable, accessible, and reliable high-quality wellness products to improve the well-being of all


We envision a future where we can bring 'Good Health in Every Home' across India. Our goal extends beyond mere access to healthcare; we aspire to create a society where every household embodies good health, contributing to a stronger and more resilient nation.



S. No. Brands Status
1. DOLO 500 Existing
2. DOLO Xtraa Existing
3. Biovital Existing
4. Dolokoff DX Existing
5. Dolo pain relief spray Existing
6. Dolo Fevometer Existing
7. Moods, Silver Premium range Existing
8. Gastrium Launching Soon
9. Dolosils Launching Soon
10. Biovital Active Launching Soon
11. Flora Skin Launching Soon
12. Nicobyt Launching Soon
13. Kamarta Spray Launching Soon
14. Kamarta 100 Launching Soon
15. Kamarta XXX Launching Soon
16. First Chek Launching Soon
17. Dolo Ultra Launching Soon
18. Dolo Ortho Oil Launching Soon
19. Dolo Roll On Launching Soon

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