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The Micro Knowledge Academy is formed with a mission to be a “focused knowledge sharing entity” entailing a consistent information dissemination through organized channels and targeting the Scientific Information needs of end users who are part of the Healthcare system such as Doctors, other health care providers   patients. The Objective of Micro Knowledge Academy is to look at the entire healthcare spectrum   identify their key unmet scientific information needs   provide a forum for fulfilling the same in a regular   organized manner.




Welcome to the Micro Labs e-Library, The Micro Knowledge Academy Initiative.
e-library hosts new age digital platform for today’s medical world with a one stop digital access for hundreds of scientific presentations, Specialty specific newsletters, Guidelines from various therapy areas, Infographics for patient education etc. COVID-19 section in e-library has current, science-based information about the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to the Experts in the webinars section. Eminent speakers from India and other parts of the world talking on various topics. The section has archives of the past webinars. The Products section provides information of the Micro Labs products.


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  • Report adverse experiences with medications
  • Report serious adverse reactions. A reaction is serious when the patient outcome is:
    • Death
    • Life-threatening (real risk of dying)
    • Hospitalization (initial or prolonged)
    • Disability (significant, persistent or permanent)
    • Congenital anomaly
    • Required intervention to prevent permanent impairment or damage
  • Report even if:
    • You’re not certain the product caused adverse reaction
    • You don’t have all the details however point nos. 1, 5, 7, 8, 11, 15, 16 & 18 (see reverse) are essentially required.
  • Who can report:
    • Any health care professional (Doctors including Dentists, Nurses and Pharmacists).
  • Where to report:
    • After completing, please return this form to Micro Labs Ltd, Pharmacovigilance Cell
  • What happens to the submitted information:
    • Information provided in this form is handled in strict confidence. PV cell at Micro Labs will carry out causality analysis and the data is statistically analysed and finally submitted to CDSCO.


The patient’s identity is held in strict confidence and protected to the fullest extent. Programme staff is not expected to and will not disclose the reporter’s identity in response to a request from the public. Submission of a report does not constitute an admission that medical personnel or manufacturer or the product caused or contributed to the reaction.