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Overview of Indian Operations

Micro Labs Limited was founded by the late Mr. G C Surana with the sole objective of providing quality healthcare products at an affordable cost. Our initiation into the pharmaceutical business began with several quality products in niche healthcare segments such as anti-bacterial compounds, antiseptics, and vitamins. The company has established a strong presence in the healthcare market due to stringent quality control and distribution standards combined with innovative products.

Under the current leadership of Mr. Dilip Surana (Chairman & Managing Director) and Mr. Anand Surana (Director), Micro Labs has evolved into a diversified pharmaceuticals manufacturing company with products ranging from oral solids, oral liquids, topicals to injectables. We are ranked 19th on sales (AWACS MAT Dec 21') among the organized sector in the Pharmaceutical Industry. An energetic marketing team and dedicated plants for penicillin and non-penicillin categories have been the catalyst for our impressive rankings.


Micro Labs has 14 plants that have been contributing significantly to the healthcare needs of the domestic market for over three decades.


Nineteen divisions professionally cater to specialty segments in healthcare:

The genesis of Micro Group is from Micro Labs, the nucleus. The flag-ship division is the face of Micro Group in the Indian Pharmaceutical arena, through, mega brands such as Dolo-650, Dolowin range, Esofag-D, Ebast, Anxit, Silybon, Gramocef-CV and Microdox-LBX in their respective categories. Ebast & Silybon were launched for the first time in India by Micro Main and Micro main has emerged as dominant leaders.

Dolo is ‘The top league’ brand of this division. The brand has surpassed all major players and has stood No.1 brand in January 2022, IPM (AWACS JAN 2022). Dolo is no. 1 in Paracetamol Solids as per MAT May 2015 AWACS. Dolo has brought laurels to Micro Group, Dolo was adjudged by AWACS as the “Best Managed brand 2010” and “Brand of the year” for 2013 as well as 2014.

GTF 2 has introduced Caripill, the first clinically proven therapy for dengue-induced thrombocytopenia. Caripill contains Carica Papaya leaf extract 1100mg tablets; the formulation meets the challenging standards of modern medicine. Caripill contributes 50% of the market share in the given category as per AWACS JAN 2022.

The DNA of Micro Labs is the double helix, comprising of two parallel strands which include the Doctors & retailers, and the patients acting as the connecting strands. The division draws its strength from years of proximity with doctors across the country, across various specialties that include Physicians, Surgeons, Orthopedic, ENT specialists, Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Gastroenterologists, Chest specialists, and General Practitioners. The division thus reaches out to all segments of customers, right from general practitioners to super-specialists. The field force of Micro Labs is renowned for meaningful “Doctor – Dialogues” resulting in “Brand – Building”

Some of the important initiatives undertaken by GTF 1&2 are:

  • Workshop/training on Handling Office Pediatric Emergencies in association with Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP)
  • CME/Workshop on Obstetric Skills in association with Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI)
  • Observership program for one week on various gastroenterology topics in world-class Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad.
  • Webinar series on various aspects of gastroenterology and hepatology in collaboration with Med India Hospitals, Chennai, and Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi. 
  • CME on Pain Management in alliance with Indian College of physicians an academic wing of Association of Physicians of India
  • Workshops on various ENT surgical techniques in association with some of the key opinion leaders in the ENT segment. In addition to actively participating in ENT Workshop, to disseminate the knowledge of new surgical techniques to more doctors Micro Main has always believed in distributing DVDs of proceedings of Workshop to young & upcoming ENT specialists.


The thrust at the doctor level is equally complemented by retail thrust. The division is known for its “Retailer–Relationship”. The widespread availability of the division’s brands across a large number of chemists in India stands testimony to the division’s retail penetration.

The success of Micro Labs derives from the competent and effective field force, which has proven their mettle in handling diverse therapy areas such as fever & pain management, anti-infective, anti-allergic, gastroenterology, anxiolytics, hepatoprotectives, pediatric and Gynaecological segments.

Even with the advent of newer and newer molecules, there is still a need for a long-lasting look at the way Infections, Pediatric diseases; Gynaecological therapeutic approaches, and Allergies are treated in the Country.

Keeping this broader objective in mind, and to serve the business need, the Nova division was launched in the year 1997.

One of the major working principles of this division is studying the market dynamics, based on which projections for top-line contributors are arrived at. The needs of the Doctor are duly addressed in the management of disease conditions through effective planning of newer molecule introductions; where possible, dose formulations are titrated to provide the right Clinical options to the Medical fraternity.

Nova is diversified to meet the varying clinical needs of the Doctors as well as to comply with the varied needs of patients.

Nova as a Division offers a wide therapeutic basket in the form of Antibiotics, Analgesic-Antipyretics, Haematinics, Nutritionals, Neurotonics, Progesterone preparations, Antihistamines, Antiulcerants, and Cough preparations.

The division offers major Antibiotic brands like Microsoft, Bicef, Azilide, and Analgesic. Antipyretic & Antibiotic range like Dolopar & Microcef having a turnover of Rs.1.80 Crore & 2.5 Crs respectively each per month. Nova is taking initiatives to build up key specialties like Pediatrics & Gynaecology through new introductions & consolidation with major brands.

With a field force of around 400 people, Nova is emerging as a fast-growing division of Micro Labs.

Nova Aims
“To grow as the most Efficient, Professionally competent, Systems & Value-driven and Profitable Organization whom the Doctor fraternity would like to be associated with and the sales force will be delighted to work for, keeping mutual progress in mind.”

Vision is an Ophthalmic division of Micro Labs Ltd. Inception of Vision was in the year 1999 with the mission to manufacture and market high-quality eye care products at an affordable price in India and all over the world.

The vision made its mark in the very first year of its launch with the introduction of the breakthrough steroid with anti-infective combination, Microflox DX (Ciprofloxacin + Dexamethasone) which revolutionized post-operative care bringing steroid with Fluoroquinolone for the first time in the Ophthalmic market.

The R & D of Micro Labs indigenously developed the first Indian formulation of Fluorometholone, Flurisone, and this pioneering effort opened gates for molecules & formulations available in the global market to be developed in India.

Since then Vision has pioneered the introduction of a plethora of Ophthalmic products across therapy areas of Ophthalmology like Lubrex, the first Indian formulation of Carboxymethylcellulose for the management of Dry Eyes, Misopt, the first Indian combination of Dorzolamide + Timolol for the management of glaucoma and Levobact, the first formulation of Levofloxacin eye drop for the treatment of ocular infections in pediatric patients maintaining a high level of safety alongside. These pioneering introductions provided the Ophthalmologist of the country to provide better eye care to Indian patients.

The meteoric rise of Vision in the Ophthalmic arena caught the attention of global Ophthalmic players to partner and market their research products in India. A historical and strategic partnership emerged in 2005 when LG Life Sciences, South Korea expressed their interest to market their Visco-elastic, LG-Hyal 2000 Injections in India using the highly dedicated and disciplined marketing team of Vision.

The setting up of a State-of-Art dedicated Ophthalmic manufacturing facility in the year 2006 by Micro Labs was a landmark achievement. The facility meets the highest quality and regulatory standards of USFDA & MHRA (UK). Equipped with world-class high-speed machines, the facility stands for dose accuracy and product quality. The untiring efforts of the organization to excel in providing quality eye care products from the facility has led to the facility winning Indian Drug Manufacturers Award (IDMA) consecutively from 2007 to 2011.

Vision today markets over 40 Ophthalmic products across therapy areas in Ophthalmology with a turnover of over Rs.80 Crores

In recent years Vision has taken steps in bringing technological advancement in its products with the introduction of preservative-free eye ointments for the first time in India in world-class packaging. The R & D of Micro Labs has further enhanced the image of the organization by providing the first self-preserved anti-glaucoma medication, Travo-Z (Travoprost) to the Indian Ophthalmic market.

HC stands for Healthcare, a division that develops new competencies in marketing products that are used to treat Pain and Gastro therapies. This division was formed in the year 2006 and is planned to touch the Rs.50 Crore mark by 2016.

MHC has developed a high perception in the minds of specialists by providing quality products and services.

MHC believes in customer satisfaction by providing branded quality products at affordable prices. MHC is committed to ensuring consistent growth in the covered market. This division is dynamic and flexible to grow with changing market trends.

MHC caters products to various specialties like Orthopedics, General Surgeons, Physicians, Gastro, General Practitioners with a range of products in Antiarthritis, pain management, and Gastro-Intestinal disease management.

Major brands of this division are Bonmin, Rabiros, Spasmopriv, Metadoxil, Microcid, Tolpa-D. Other brands (Ortho) include Tolsafe, Tolpazen, Ultram, Winflam, Erotica, Ostogard GM. Anorelief, Osmitol are for the Gastro segment.

The division has reached Rs. 30 Crores in the year 2014.
Healthcare is determined to grow and gain a strong foothold in the planned segments.

SYNAPSE is named after the anatomical entity of the human nervous system, a place between two neurons where both normal and abnormal mental activities take place in a human being. The name also signifies the significant bridge that we aim to create between the medical fraternity and their latent needs in treating patients of neuropsychiatry.

SYNAPSE was the brainchild of Micro Labs, CMD, Mr. Dilip Surana, and also our beloved founder Mr. G. C. Surana who strongly felt the need for an exclusive and dedicated CNS (Central Nervous System) outfit from Micro to focus exclusively on CNS product portfolio and to have a reasonably good presence in that elite branch of medicine. They also wanted to reinforce the commitment Micro had towards mental health care.

Few CNS products were already marketed by 2 – 3 divisions of Micro and to put all of them in one basket and have a greater concentration was the strategic approach and thus SYNAPSE took birth in April 1997.

With a humble beginning of 14 lakh, SYNAPSE grew from strength to strength year after year to reach Rs.2 Crore mark (per month) in 2002 with all India operations and Nepal & Sri Lanka. Currently, SYNAPSE is hitting a target of Rs.6 Crore per month and growing rapidly strong. SYNAPSE is ranked among the top 10 major players in the covered market.

This was possible only due to the sheer focus and building up the core customer relationship in the CNS segment ably anchored by the strong leadership which was effectively carried out in the field by the dedicated and dynamic team of SYNAPSE. The extensive product basket has also been a key success factor

SYNAPSE caters to neurologists, psychiatrists with its elite CNS specialties and also covers selected customers in physician, diabetology, and GP segments.

The major products of SYNAPSE are PARKIN range, OLAN, RESPOND, PETROL, LEVACETAM, S-CELEPRA, VALPRID CR, NEURICA-M, DOTHIP, and many more. SYNAPSE can boast of market leadership with Peril- Beta a niche market in neuropsychiatry.

Synapse – Where we value our relationship, of course with our core and valued customers.

Synapse believes in enhancing MIND CARE

The Neuropsychiatry division strengthens Micro’s presence in the CNS segment, along with Synapse-the other CNS division of Micro Labs. Ltd.

The major thrust area of this newly formed division will be better customer service and improved patient care.

This division will operate through a science-based approach and initiatives to support specialists – i.e. Neurologists and Psychiatrists.

The therapeutic areas covered will be Stroke, Epilepsy, Depressive Disorders, and Insomnia.

This team will aim to propel legacy brand Neurocetam to greater heights.

Gratia is a specialty division of Micro Labs exclusively dedicated to dermatology, cosmetology, and trichology. This division was launched in the year 2007 with a team of 145 well-trained executives. Gratia has a robust product range catering to General dermatology, Dermatology, Cosmetology, and trichology.

The name Gratia is a Latin word and has several positive connotations all related to skin, its beauty, and elegance. The Gratia logo represents its strong commitment to dermatology reflecting freedom from various dermatological problems and the nine petals represent Micro Labs. Skin is the largest organ in the body that covers and protects all other organs and has nothing to protect itself. It is in this context that the Gratia product range comes in very handy in offering the required cover and protection to the skin.

Leading dermatologists have reposed their trust and faith in Gratia’s product range, no wonder many of our products have become brand leaders in their respective markets – Calosoft AF, Kojivit Plus & Aziderm in a short period. Gratia to its credit has much first time in India launches Viz Calosoft AF, Aziderm, Photo ban Aquagel, and Kojivit Plus.

Gratia firmly believes in scientific and professional approaches. We have adopted many scientific initiatives for the medical fraternity like GACC ( Gratia Advanced Cosmetic Program), GAPP ( Gratia Advanced Postgraduate Program). As a corporate responsibility to enhance skincare further we have initiated Skin & Hair Analyser camps and School / College acne camps. The highly acclaimed quality of Gratia products reflects its corporate theme ‘Dermatology our obsession.’

While Gratia is steadily improving its ranking in the covered market, we will not be satisfied till such time it becomes a very strong force to reckon with in the field of dermatology, cosmetology, and trichology.

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep. But We have promises to keep and miles to go before We sleep.”

As the name suggests, the name Cosmoderm signifies Micro’s foray into the fast-growing cosmetology segment of the Indian Pharmaceutical Market. This segment is growing fast due to increased awareness and disposable income among the Indian masses. A division that came into existence in the latter half of 2014, the division stands proud with the launch of many innovative products in its portfolio.

Products like Onetone; the first time in country 4-n-butyl resorcinol for management of melasma, Cutiwash; glycolic acid, a first time in India foaming face wash with metered-dose, Cutiwash Soft; 1st time in India lactic acid foaming face wash has given us accolades in the highly competitive market. The division also promotes hair densifier serum Densuex, a triple-drug melasma management brand “Triwhite”, and ketoconazole range “Phytoral”. Cosmoderm has recently launched a nutrition supplement for hair, Nutricap h, and melasma management antioxidant, Nutricap S. All these products come in the best in class packaging. In a short period since launch, these products have been liked and prescribed by top dermatologists of the country.

It is evident that divisions’ prime focus specialty is “Dermatologists”. Backed by a strong field force of 90 TEs and able managers with rich dermatology experience, the division s poised to make incremental gains in minds of dermatologists and cosmetologists and turn fulfill its’ endeavor to make Indian beauties more “beautiful”.

In India diabetes is a big healthcare burden and has assumed epidemic proportions. According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), India is currently home to over 65 million people with diabetes, an increase from 50.8 million in 2011. By 2035, India's diabetes burden is expected to cross the 109 million mark as against 87 million estimated earlier.

The irony of the situation is that many people with diabetes aren't even aware that they have diabetes, a disease that exposes them to heart attack, stroke, amputations, nerve damage, blindness, and kidney disease. Almost every organ in the body can be adversely affected by the onslaught of diabetes.

Being an important player in the Indian pharmaceutical market, Micro Labs wanted to play a vital role in the management of diabetes in the Indian population. As part of its long-term strategic plan, in 2005 Diabetes Taskforce (DTF) was formed with a vision to offer comprehensive diabetes care at affordable pricing to Indian patients.

Micro Labs DTF has the unique distinction in offering the entire spectrum for the management of Hyperglycemia to Hypoglycemia and related complications.

In just one decade of its existence, Micro DTF is ranked number 7 as per AWACS sales audit. Some of the brands like Tripride, Diapride M, Melmet SR, Dibizide M and Pregator, Hypotab, and Telrose are among the top in their respective markets.

Micro DTF has a strong sense of social responsibility which is built in its value system. Micro DTF offers a range of services to patients and health care providers as discussed below.

Diabetes Education – In a country where there is an acute shortage of diabetes care professionals, education plays a pivotal role in taming this fast-growing epidemic.

Keeping this in mind for the last 14 years Micro DTF is publishing books on diabetes that are most sought after and acclaimed by Indian clinicians. This is the only book published every year to offer an Indian perspective to clinicians treating diabetes.

To keep the Indian doctor updated, Micro DTF is into other science education initiatives like subscription of Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, an official Journal of International Diabetes Federation, and Matchless Clinics Interesting case studies for the Indian doctors

Diabetes Screening- Diabetes can remain undiagnosed for many years this can cause long-term damage to the vital organs. Hence it is important to screen people with diabetes early to prevent future complications. Micro DTF conducts diabetes screening camps across the country in association with diabetes care providers and screens about 2 lacs individuals every year.

EROS stands for Ethical, Reliable, Outstanding, and Safe Medicines. It was formed in the year 1956, by Mr. P.S. Nayak. Eros was the first Indian pharma company to be accredited by ISO 9001 certification.

Before acquisition by Micro Labs, Eros operations were confined mainly to South India. The company was taken over by Micro Labs in 2002. Subsequently, it started to spread its wings all over India and now has its operations across the country and in Nepal.

After merging with Micro Labs, Eros has grown formidably. The turnover has grown from 11.5 Cr to 85 Cr in a short period. It is the sheer 'Discipline' 'Dedication' Determination and ‘Commitment’ of EROS TEAM across India and Nepal who has taken up the challenge and become successful in this journey so far.

EROS caters products to various therapies like Anti-Infectives, Pain management, Respiratory, Neutraceuticals, and Stomatologicals and covers specialties like Consultant Chest / Physicians, Family Physicians, Orthopedics, General Surgeons, Pediatricians, ENT, Dentists, and Gynecologists with a wide range of products.

Our Major brands includes: Rite-O-Cef, Riteocef CV, Ritolide, Erox CV, Montral, Pantocar 40 / d / L, Divon, Etorica, Faronac Nitra Gel / Hex, Berocin CZ, Salbid LS / Plus and Zifol XT.

Eros division participates in the various National and Regional conferences across the covered specialty and is involved in conducting many CME programs for the Drs to disseminate and share knowledge and clinical experiences among their colleagues across the country.

Eros conducts various camps for the patients like spirometry ( To access lung function of the patients) and dental camps and provides patient educative materials on respiratory diseases, pain, and sports medicine.

Eros division has initiated special CME programs for the paramedical staff in the smaller hospitals by providing a series of courses on Golden hour management in Medical emergencies.


EROS - Serving health with the care it deserves

Brown & Burk was formed in the year 1979 by the late Mr. G. C. Surana, Founder of Micro Labs Ltd. This division was formed with an idea to train and develop people towards brand building.

This division caters to multi-specialties including consulting physicians, General Physicians, Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Surgeons, Orthopedics, Dentists, and ENT. Major therapy segment includes Anti – Infective, Analgesic, Pain management, Anti Allergic, Neutraceuticals, Anti – Diarrhoeal, etc.

The division’s annual turnover during its launch (1980 – 81) was close to Rs. 1 Crore with leading brands Eldoper and Pulmoxyl. Today, after 20 yrs the division makes an annual turnover of more than 100 Crores and monthly sales averaging higher than 9 Crores. B & B is 3rd largest division of the Micro group and growing continuously with a double-digit. In Karnataka, BB ranks no. 1 in the covered market. The division also has strong control in UP, TN, and Punjab markets. It has launched and developed many more brands.

The B & B stands for “Build People, Build Brands". We have regular training and development programs for employees, this helps them understand their brand better and co-relate them to commit to delivering better, thus decreasing the attrition rate. Products are manufactured in-house and plants are internationally accredited.

Bactoclav is the leading brand for the division as well as the highest-selling anti-biotic brand of Micro group. Pulmoxyl is the highest prescribed brand in the Amoxicillin group in Karnataka. Allercet group and Clariwin are strong and are secondary within the molecule. Pulmocef, Eldoper, Biostar Gold, Helirab, and recently launched Gold are the best-selling products of respective brands.

In the future, we plan to launch many more brands and build antibiotic, allergic, and GI baskets.

B & B, commitment to healthcare continues.....

Carsyon, the Cardiology therapy focused Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of Micro Labs Limited was launched in the year 1994. The sole aim of the SBU was to fulfill the rapidly increasing demand for drugs for heart diseases. Thus, making Carsyon the very first exclusive Cardiac focus SBU in the market.

Since then Caryson has been a trendsetter in the industry, through its strategic brand-building success stories like Amlong, Avas & Olmat, and by the timely launch of innovative fixed-dose combinations in the market through Amlong-A & Olmat-AMH.

Right from its inception, the name and business acumen earned by Carsyon in the industry is undoubtedly through its professionally equipped and hardworking staff, who not only have the experience of the Cardiac market but they have a good rapport with the medical fraternity. Their service towards the company has been promptly recognized and timely rewarded with elevation in the ranks and using a lucrative incentive.

In keeping up with the changing market scenario, Carsyon's motive is to bring in innovative ideas, build newer strategies to overcome the competition in the market; hence keeping the company ahead of the rest.

Carsyon, the Cardio-Diabetic Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of Micro Labs Limited was launched in the year 1994. The sole aim of this SBU was to fulfill the rapidly increasing demand for drugs for heart disease & diabetes. Thus, making Carsyon the very first focused Cardio-Diabetic SBU in the Indian Pharma Industry.

As the prevalence of cardiac and diabetic diseases increased, there was a need to increase our reach and expand the portfolio. This led to the formation of Carsyon II in 2009.

This division caters to all cardiologists, diabetologists, physicians, nephrologists, and select general practitioners. In the management of diabetes and CVD, we offer a comprehensive range- of antidiabetics, antihypertensives, and cholesterol-lowering drugs. The major brands are Rosuvastatin (Turbovas Range),.Gliclazide and combinations (Dianorm Range), Voglibose and combination (Voglinorm Range), Amlodipine and Losartan combinations (Amlozaar), and Losartan and combinations (Angizaar range) There is a dedicated field force of more than 350 people committed to making affordable medicines available across the country.

Inspired by the corporate philosophy “ ...Because health is in small details”, Carsyon II has launched patient care initiatives like free screening of diabetes through Diabetic Detection Camps since early screening and detection of diabetes can prevent or delay the disease progression. Partnering with the mediwith cal fraternity in their combat to tackle the pandemic of CVD in India and prevent the complications arising out of cardiac and diabetic disease, Carsyon II also regularly conducts HbA1c and Lipid camps and various public awareness campaigns.

In its endeavor to update doctors with the latest happenings in the field of Cardiology and Diabetology. Carsyon II offers a comprehensive academic service to the medical fraternity provides the latest textbooks, conducts CMEs, and participates in various national Conferences.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that with Carsyon's success, Micro Labs has been ranked among the top Cardio-Diabetic companies by IMS in the Indian Pharma Industry.

Cardicare is the specialty arm of Micro Labs Ltd. This wing was essentially started to expand horizons in Cardiology. Cardicare offers a comprehensive product basket on emerging disease areas like Hypertension, Dyslipidemias, Congestive Heart Failure, Metabolic Syndrome, and Arrhythmias. This division is based on scientific and patient-centric promotion with innovation.

Cardicare’s strong equity in these therapy areas is unrelenting and fortified through the efforts of over 270 skilled field forces across the country. The distinctive space in our customer’s minds has been occupied by us, which is inscribed by 14th rank in the covered market and 20th in the cardiovascular segment under the cardiology sector as per AWACS 2015.

The Cardicare Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of Micro Labs was launched in the year 2001. The solitary aim of this SBU is to cater to cardiovascular diseases. This makes Cardicare a focused Cardiology SBU in the Indian Pharma Industry. The division’s flagship brand is Arbitel (ranked 13th in the Telmisartan and highest growing brand among top 15 brands) followed by Hopace, Hopace – H, Arbitel, Merapro XL & Astin. Other brands such as Fibrovas, Nitrofix, Torsinex, are productivity enhancers.

Ever since its launch, Cardicare has set new milestones. It maintains a dense commitment to the Cardiology sector through its ever-increasing range of products, dedicated field force & strong customer relationship.

The micro group has various therapeutic divisions catering to medical problems of human health. Similarly, Vet is another such division that deals with animal health. This division was launched in 1982 and is serving the ANIMAL Healthcare sector for more than two decades.

The vet is a privileged medical provider to

  • Avains or Poultry sector – layers, broilers, parents & grandparents,
  • Large animal sector – Bovines, Caprines, Equinies
  • Pet sector – Dogs, cats, etc
  • Aqua sector – Prawn, Shrimp &Fish culture
  • Vet has a wide range of products like animal feed supplements, antibiotics, anticoccidial, antihelminthic, ectoparasiticides, growth promoters, immunomodulators, vitamins & minerals supplements, enzymes, toxin binders, injectables.

Because India is the 2nd largest producer of Egg & Meat and is the largest milk producer in the world, Vet is planning to cross Rs. 25 cr. by the year 2015 by introducing innovative products, increasing manpower reach, and strategic expansions.

This division exports to neighboring countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and many other Asian countries.

Very recently we introduced Innovative NATURAL PRODUCTS to our fold which have huge demand and consist of Natural Performance enhancers, Natural antibacterial, Hepato Correctives, and protectives and fly control in farms.

We have also entered into contact with C.P.Thailand Indian Operations the largest integrator with the Brand name Five-star chicken and have plans for exclusive manufacturing to M/s C.P.Thailand under their brand.



“The doctor of the future will give no medicines but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and the cause and prevention of disease."- Thomas Edison

Nutrition is present in all processes of life. Right from the very moment the sperm fertilizes an egg, through fetal development in the uterus, birth of the child, growth, maturity, old age, and eventual death. Anything that involves life and chemical or biochemical movement has nutrition at its core.

Good health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being — a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Nutrition is the key to developing and maintaining good health.

Nutrition translates into health and health is freedom. Being healthy not only makes us feel great, but it also enables us to enjoy life to our fullest potential and to follow our dreams. Conversely, a poor diet can have a serious impact on health and rob you of your freedom.

Globally, nutraceuticals are gaining prominence and becoming a part of the average consumer’s daily diet and are considered as future therapeutics. The key reasons for this have been the increased incidence of lifestyle diseases the world over, increase in life expectancy and inadequate nutrition due to the current lifestyle choices people make today. In fact, in developing nations, mortality due to nutrition-related factors is nearly 40 percent, underscoring the need for nutraceutical products to balance the nutritional intake of the individual.

Micro Labs having spread its wings in all other specialties now ventures into specialized Medical Nutrition therapy, division for specialty nutrition.

Nutrica division is a brainchild of our beloved CMD Mr. Dilip Surana, which was launched in April 2015. The theme for the division is "Nutritional Care for a Healthy Life".

Nutrica as a Division offers a product range for all age groups about general health, targeting special populations through our brands in conditions like Pregnancy and Lactation, Anemia, Vitamin D3 deficiency, Neuropathies, Male and Female infertility, Easy way of consuming nutrition through gummies, multivitamin preparations for active body & a healthy mind.

Nutrica Division currently has the following brands Meconerv, D3, Z & B Softlets, Biovital, Biovital Gold, Biofer XT, Mom, Nutri Champ, Fertiplus & Fertiplus M. Our long term motto is Nutritional care for a healthy life i.e. from pediatrics to geriatrics. To start with our major focus will be on Gynecologists, pediatricians & physicians as a specialty which will be increased in the years to come.

With a field force of around 200, we are the new SBU of Micro Labs which will have to go miles to etch our name as a major nutrition player in Nutraceuticals among the medical fraternity.